Tongass National Forest


Park Name Tongass National Forest
Park Size Large
Fee None
Restroom Yes
Park Rules On Leash
Small Dog Area No
Address 648 Mission St
Ketchikan, AK 99901

Tongass National Forest is a vast area of land in southeastern Alaska, spanning about 16.7 million acres. It stretches from the southern corner of Alaska near Ketchikan to the north of Yakutat. Due to its remote location, there are no roads leading to the forest, and visitors must rely on boats, ferries, or planes to access it.

The forest is surrounded by cities and towns such as Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, Yakutat, and Skagway. It was established on September 10, 1907, and is currently managed by the United States Forest Service. Tongass National Forest offers a range of unique features that make it a truly special destination.

Firstly, it is the largest forest in the United States, surpassing the size of the next three largest national forests combined. Additionally, it is the largest remaining temperate rainforest in the world. The forest boasts various fascinating geological elements, including mountains, glaciers, waterways, and islands that are connected by channels and straits.

The vegetation in Tongass National Forest is dominated by Western Hemlock, Sitka Spruce, and Western Red Cedar. The forest is also home to a diverse array of wildlife, such as brown and black bears, bald eagles, and salmon. Visitors can explore popular attractions within the forest, such as the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area, and Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center.

In addition to its natural wonders, Tongass National Forest offers numerous recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. These include hunting, canoeing, fishing, camping, boating, hiking, berry picking, mushroom collecting, kayaking, whale watching, flight-seeing tours, ice skating, snowmobiling, bird watching, cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and interpretive programs. It is important for dog owners to follow specific rules when bringing their pets to the forest, such as knowing which areas are accessible, keeping dogs on a six-foot leash at all times, and cleaning up after them to ensure the protection of wildlife, their habitat, and the comfort of all visitors.

You can view the official Tongass National Forest website.

Tongass National Forest Park Tips & Rules

1. Dogs are allowed in the Tongass National Forest, but there are rules in place to ensure everyone’s safety and protect the wildlife and habitat. It is important for dog owners to be aware of the areas they can and cannot visit with their dogs.

2. Dogs must be kept on a six-foot leash at all times while in the forest. This rule helps prevent dogs from disturbing wildlife or getting lost in the vast forest.

3. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. It is important to bring waste bags and dispose of them properly to maintain the cleanliness of the park and respect other visitors’ experience.

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