Connor’s Bog (Lake) Unleashed Dog Area (Southwood Park)


Park Name Connor’s Bog (Lake) Unleashed Dog Area (Southwood Park)
Park Size Large
Fee None
Restroom No
Park Rules Off Leash
Small Dog Area No
Address Jewel Lake Road
Anchorage, AK

Connor’s Bog Dog Park is a spacious area located on the outskirts of Anchorage, Alaska. It serves as both a multi-use park and an off-leash dog park. The park features a parking lot with enough space for about twenty vehicles, situated off Jewel Lake Road.

Spanning across a vast woodland, Connor’s Bog Dog Park offers a network of trails that are accessible for off-leash dog activities for most of the year. However, during winter, one section of the park is closed off to dogs to prepare the trails for skijoring. Nonetheless, the park still provides a significant off-leash area, extending along the border of Connor’s Lake.

Unlike enclosed dog parks, Connor’s Bog Dog Park is an open outdoor space that embraces a natural setting. There are no designated areas for small dogs, making it a suitable environment for dogs of all sizes. To maintain cleanliness, poop bag dispensers are conveniently placed along many of the trails, and dog owners are kindly asked to clean up after their pets. It is also recommended for owners to carry extra bags. Additionally, as there are no water fountains in the park, visitors are advised to bring sufficient bottled water and a drinking bowl for their dogs.

While the park offers ample room for dogs to roam freely, it is important for pet owners to be mindful of the presence of wild animals. Moose and bears can often be spotted feeding alongside the trails. It is crucial to understand and follow proper procedures when encountering these animals. The park’s official website provides information on moose safety and other wildlife concerns. At times, certain areas of the park or sections near the lake may be restricted due to nesting birds or breeding wildlife. Moreover, owners should be cautious of beavers inhabiting the lake, as they can exhibit aggression towards dogs.

You can view the official Connor’s Bog (Lake) Unleashed Dog Area (Southwood Park) website.

Connor’s Bog (Lake) Unleashed Dog Area (Southwood Park) Park Tips & Rules

1. Off-leash rules: One important tip to note about this dog park is that it allows dogs to be off-leash. This means that your furry friend can freely roam and explore the park without the constraint of a leash. It provides a great opportunity for them to exercise, socialize with other dogs, and enjoy their time to the fullest.

2. Large park size: Another notable feature of this dog park is its size. Being described as “large,” it offers ample space for dogs to run, play, and burn off their energy. The expansive area allows for various activities, such as playing fetch, frisbee, or even just strolling around. It ensures that there is plenty of room for dogs to explore and enjoy their time in the park.

3. Small dogs not allowed: It’s important to be aware that this dog park does not permit small dogs. This rule indicates that it may be more suitable for medium to large-sized dogs. If you have a small breed, it would be advisable to find an alternative park that accommodates their size. This information is crucial to consider before planning a visit to ensure the safety and comfort of your furry companion.

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