Can Dogs Predict Pregnancy?


Dogs have an incredible ability to detect things before humans do, including changes in weather and mood. It may come as a surprise that dogs can actually sense pregnancy in women before the women themselves are aware of it. While it’s not a replacement for modern pregnancy detection methods, if you’re a female dog owner and become pregnant, it’s likely your dog knows about it before you do. This is due to your dog’s heightened sensory abilities.

Signs Your Dog is Predicting Pregnancy

When a dog is detecting a pregnancy, there are some tell-tale signs to look out for. These signs include investigative behaviors, such as approaching the pregnant individual and using their nose to sniff out hormonal and pheromone changes. Your dog may also become more protective of you and the baby, displaying signs of guarding. On the other hand, your dog may show signs of jealousy and unwanted behaviors. Addressing these behaviors immediately is important for creating a healthy environment for your dog and the new child.

Body Language

Some signs to look for when your dog is predicting a pregnancy include guarding, wagging tail, sniffing, twitching whiskers, and licking. Other signs can include interest in the pregnant individual, changes in your dog’s demeanor, increase in guarding behavior, and increase in your dog’s energy and awareness.

The Science Behind Dogs Predicting Pregnancy

Dogs’ ability to predict pregnancy is rooted in their naturally heightened senses. Dogs can detect early signs of pregnancy by using their sense of smell to sniff out hormonal and other scent changes in women. They also pick up on subtle changes in behavior and body cues. Scientific research supports the idea that dogs can predict pregnancy.

Training Your Dog for Life with a Baby

Training your dog to detect pregnancy is difficult as they instinctively notice changes in their environment. However, you can train your dog to prepare for the arrival of a baby. Start training early by using a baby-like alternative to practice sharing attention and time with your dog. Expose your dog to children and increase their walks to work off extra energy. Enroll your dog in obedience training classes to give them regular attention and remind them who the pack leader is. It’s also important to train your child to interact positively with your dog and establish clear rules and routines surrounding food and toys to avoid jealousy.


Preparing your dog for the arrival of a baby is essential to create a harmonious living environment. Dogs have the ability to predict pregnancy due to their heightened senses. While they can’t actually predict pregnancy, they can detect early signs. By understanding your dog’s behavior and training them appropriately, you can ensure a smooth transition for both your dog and your new baby.

“Preparing your pup for a new addition: Training your dog for life with a baby”

Tips & Things to Know

1️⃣ Pay attention to your dog’s behavior and body language. Dogs can exhibit certain signs that indicate they are predicting pregnancy, such as sniffing, increased guarding behavior, and changes in energy levels. Be observant and address any concerning behaviors immediately.

2️⃣ Understand the science behind dogs predicting pregnancy. Dogs have heightened senses, particularly their sense of smell, which allows them to detect hormonal and pheromone changes in pregnant women. They can also pick up on subtle changes in body language and behavior. It’s important to recognize that dogs are not actually predicting pregnancy, but rather detecting early signs of it.

3️⃣ Prepare your dog for life with a baby. Start training your dog early and gradually introduce them to the concept of a baby living in the home. This can include using a doll to simulate a baby and observing how your dog reacts. Increase exercise and consider obedience training to help your dog adjust to the changes and establish clear boundaries. Also, make sure to provide your dog with their own toys and attention to prevent jealousy and negative associations with the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered ✅

1. How can dogs sense pregnancy before humans are aware of it?
– Dogs have heightened sensory abilities and can detect hormonal and pheromone changes in pregnant women through their sense of smell.

2. What are some signs that a dog is predicting pregnancy?
– Some signs include investigative behaviors like sniffing the pregnant individual, an increase in protective behaviors such as guarding and pacing, and possible signs of jealousy or destructive behavior.

3. What are some body language cues that a dog may exhibit when predicting pregnancy?
– Some cues include wagging tail, sniffing, twitching whiskers, licking, and an increase in guarding behavior.

4. What is the science behind dogs predicting pregnancy?
– Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell and can detect hormonal and scent changes in pregnant women. They can also pick up on subtle changes in human body cues and behavior.

5. How can dog owners train their dogs to prepare for a baby?
– Dog owners can start training their dogs by introducing a baby-like alternative, such as a doll, to gauge their readiness and how they interact. They can also increase their dog’s walks and enroll them in obedience training classes. Setting clear rules and routines, providing toys and treats for both the dog and baby, and ensuring the dog receives enough attention can help prevent jealousy and promote positive interactions between the dog and baby.

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