Can Dogs Hear Over the Phone?


Have you ever wondered if your dog can hear you over the phone? There are plenty of videos on YouTube of dogs having FaceTime, Skype, or phone calls with their owners. In many of these videos, it seems that dogs do recognize the person on the screen, or at least their voice. They often get super-excited when they hear their owner’s voice, especially if it has been a while since they last heard from them.

Signs Your Dog Hears You Over the Phone

Humans can hear a range from 20 to 20,000 Hz. A frequency above or below this range will not be heard, but it can be felt (like bass in a song). As we get older, our range shrinks, which is why children can often hear high pitches that adults cannot.

Dogs, however, can hear from 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz, but this can vary between breeds. So, their range is broader than ours. They also have better mobility of their ears and can focus on sound by turning their ears to locate the source of the sound.

So, when a dog hears your voice over the phone, they could recognize it. Here are some signs they’ll exhibit if they do.

– Alertness:

Dogs become alert when they hear your voice. They will try to figure out where it’s coming from.

– Whining:

Dogs might start whining because they are overexcited and can’t see or smell you.

– Jumping up:

Dogs might jump up and down or sprint around if they recognize your voice, especially if you use phrases they recognize.

– Sniffing:

Dogs will likely sniff the phone because they associate your voice with your smell.

– Pacing:

Dogs might start pacing around as they are unable to sense you in other ways, which can confuse them.

If your dog doesn’t recognize your voice, they will probably show no interest. This is because the speaker range is limited to the human hearing range, and the phone voice has lower quality.

Body Language

Your dog will give you some signs if they recognize your voice over the phone, including alertness, barking, whining, jumping up, pacing, and sniffing. Other signs to watch for are coming over to the phone, staring at the phone, and pawing.

History of Dogs’ Hearing

Dogs’ hearing is one of their best senses, aside from smell. Humans domesticated dogs because of their superior senses, including hearing. Dogs’ wolf ancestors used their hearing in hunting, as they could hear high-pitched sounds from great distances. While dogs may have lost some of their hearing range compared to their ancestors, their hearing is still one of their best senses.

Science of Dog’s Sense of Hearing

There are some differences between breeds when it comes to hearing range. Dogs with upright ears often hear better than those with floppy ears. Just like humans, dogs lose higher frequencies as they age.

Training Dogs Using Their Hearing

Hearing plays a key role in specialty training for dogs. Service dogs, police dogs, and military dogs are trained to respond to specific commands using their keen hearing. Dog training apps can be useful, as dogs can hear your voice over the phone. However, the human touch should not be forgotten in training dogs.

“Harness the power of your voice: How dogs recognize you over the phone”

Tips & Things to Know

1️⃣ Dogs have a broader range of hearing than humans, which allows them to hear frequencies that we can’t. They can hear from 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz, while humans can only hear from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This is why dogs may be able to recognize your voice over the phone.

2️⃣ When a dog hears your voice over the phone, they may exhibit signs of excitement and recognition. They may become alert, whine, jump up and down, sniff the phone, or start pacing. These behaviors show that they are trying to locate the source of your voice and understand why it’s coming from the phone.

3️⃣ Dogs’ hearing is one of their best senses, along with their sense of smell. They have adapted their hearing abilities throughout history, using them for hunting and as a means of communication with humans. Today, their sense of hearing is still utilized in various training and working roles, such as service dogs and police/military dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered ✅

1. Can dogs recognize their owner’s voice over the phone?
– Yes, dogs can recognize their owner’s voice over the phone. They become alert and may exhibit signs of excitement or anxiety.

2. How does a dog’s hearing compare to humans?
– Dogs have a broader hearing range than humans, with the ability to hear frequencies from 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz. This is why they can hear high-pitched sounds that humans cannot.

3. What are some signs that a dog recognizes their owner’s voice over the phone?
– Signs include alertness, whining, jumping up and down, sniffing the phone, and pacing.

4. Why do dogs become excited when they hear their owner’s voice over the phone?
– Dogs become excited because they associate their owner’s voice with positive experiences, such as going for a walk or receiving attention.

5. How is a dog’s sense of hearing utilized in specialty training?
– Dogs with keen hearing are trained to perform specific duties, such as assisting people with disabilities or aiding in police and military operations. Their ability to hear commands and locate sounds quickly is valuable in these roles.

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