Can Dogs Detect DVDs?


Sniffer-dogs are using their powerful sense of smell to stop criminals at airports worldwide. They are even helping to put an end to DVD piracy by sniffing out illegal copies of movies. Lucky and Flo, two black Labrador Retrievers, were the first dogs hired to do this job. They were able to find millions of dollars worth of counterfeit DVDs by sniffing out the polycarbonate used to make them. These dogs have traveled the world, promoting the importance of copyright laws and sending a clear message to criminals. They are trained to sniff out the scent of the DVDs and alert their handler when they find them. Other signs that a dog has found a stash of DVDs include sitting near the stash and turning their head. Sniffer-dogs have a long history of being used to detect various substances and items, starting with finding German mines in the mid-20th century. Dogs have a much more powerful sense of smell than humans, with millions of olfactory receptors compared to our mere 5 million. They can categorize smells and even identify new ones. Training a dog to detect DVDs involves teaching them which scent to sniff out and how to signal when they have found it. The dogs are rewarded with toys or treats for finding the correct scent.

“Sniffer-dogs bring their powerful sense of smell to the fight against DVD piracy.”

Tips & Things to Know

1️⃣ Sniffer-dogs are highly effective in detecting illegal substances, including DVDs, due to their exceptional sense of smell. Their ability to sniff out polycarbonate plastic used in DVDs helps in combating piracy and protecting the movie industry’s revenue.

2️⃣ Dogs display specific body language signs while sniffing for DVDs, such as staring, alertness, panting, wagging tail, sniffing, and play bowing. These behaviors indicate their focus and determination in locating the illicit discs.

3️⃣ Training a dog to detect DVDs involves introducing them to the scent and teaching them how to indicate when they have found it. Using rewards, like toys or treats, can make the training process enjoyable for the dog, and repetition and varied hiding spots help reinforce their detection skills.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered ✅

1. Who were Lucky and Flo and what were they trained to sniff out?
– Lucky and Flo were black Labrador Retrievers trained to sniff out DVDs.

2. How do sniffer dogs like Lucky and Flo detect DVDs?
– Sniffer dogs like Lucky and Flo are trained to smell the layers of polycarbonate plastic used to make DVDs.

3. What are some signs that a dog is sniffing for DVDs?
– Some signs that a dog is sniffing for DVDs include staring, alertness, panting, wagging tail, sniffing, and play bowing.

4. How do sniffer dogs contribute to stopping DVD piracy?
– Sniffer dogs are able to find hoards of illicit DVDs, which costs the movie industry billions of dollars in lost revenue.

5. What other items can sniffer dogs be trained to detect?
– In addition to DVDs, sniffer dogs can be trained to detect drugs, explosives, electronics, whale poop, disease in bees, human remains, bed bugs, and cancer.

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