Can Dogs be Vulnerable?


Dogs are vulnerable under human guidance, with some being cherished by caring owners and others facing hardship due to owners with wrong intentions. Low registration numbers with Kennel Clubs also put dogs at risk of extinction. The Welsh Pembroke Corgi, a favorite of the Queen of the United Kingdom, is one of the vulnerable breeds. This raises the question of whether the popularity of designer dogs has overshadowed the desire to adopt pedigrees or rescue dogs.

Signs of Dog Vulnerability

Rescue centers play a crucial role in saving the lives of abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs. These dogs often arrive at shelters with a battered soul, displaying signs of vulnerability such as cowering, tail tucking, and whining. Volunteers work tirelessly to restore their confidence and help them find new homes. Some shelter dogs, like Benny, have heartwarming stories of transformation, bringing joy to their new owners.

History of Dog Breed Vulnerability

The establishment of animal shelters, starting with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 1866, aimed to protect animals from cruelty. However, despite the efforts of shelters worldwide, certain dog breeds are at risk of extinction. The rise of designer dogs and changing trends in dog ownership contribute to the vulnerability of these breeds. Similar to the extinction of small Beagles in the past, breeds like the Bloodhound, Smooth Collie, Irish Red and White Setter, Field Spaniel, and Sussex Spaniel now face low registration numbers.

The Science of Dog Vulnerability

Modern breeding practices, driven by profit and vanity, have resulted in the breeding of mixed-breed dogs with health and behavioral issues. Inbreeding and genetic problems have caused dogs to suffer from conditions like hip dysplasia and congestive heart failure. Experts urge breeders to prioritize ethical breeding practices to preserve the genetic heritage of breeds like Dobermans, Boxers, and Labradors.

Addressing Dog Vulnerability

Despite scientific evidence of dogs’ emotional capacity and their invaluable roles in society, animal welfare laws often fall short in protecting them. Neglected and abused dogs are often victims of insensitive individuals, and laws governing animal cruelty vary across different states. Governments worldwide need to adopt stronger animal welfare laws to ensure the well-being of dogs. The United Kingdom, for example, is in the process of updating its animal welfare laws to include longer prison sentences for animal cruelty.


With millions of dogs living in vulnerable situations, it is crucial to recognize and protect them as important species. Dogs should be appreciated for their loyalty and unconditional love, instead of being exploited for profit or neglected by their owners. Strengthening animal welfare laws and promoting responsible breeding practices are essential steps towards ensuring the well-being of dogs and preventing the extinction of vulnerable breeds.

“Vulnerable dogs: caught in the crossfire of fashion and extinction”

Tips & Things to Know

1️⃣ Dogs are becoming increasingly vulnerable due to various factors such as low registration numbers with Kennel Clubs, abandonment, and mistreatment. It’s important that potential pet owners understand the responsibilities and commitment that come with owning a dog, and choose to adopt or purchase a dog for the right reasons.

2️⃣ The breeding of designer dogs for profit is contributing to the vulnerability of certain dog breeds, and often results in dogs with behavioral and health issues. Prospective dog owners should consider adopting from shelters or purchasing from reputable breeders who prioritize good genetics and ethical breeding practices.

3️⃣ Despite laws intending to protect dogs from abuse and neglect, many offenders go unpunished. It’s crucial for governments and communities to take a more active role in enforcing and updating these laws, and supporting animal charities in their efforts to bring abusers to justice.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered ✅

1. Why are dogs vulnerable while under the guidance of humans?
– Dogs are vulnerable due to some owners having them for the wrong reasons and subjecting them to hardship or mistreatment. Additionally, low registration numbers with Kennel Clubs contribute to their vulnerability.

2. What is the impact of fashion on dogs?
– Dogs, like the Welsh Pembroke Corgi, can become vulnerable due to changing fashion trends, which can result in certain breeds being deemed vulnerable.

3. What are the signs that a dog feels vulnerable?
– Signs that a dog feels vulnerable include barking, whining, cowering, howling, ears dropping, and tail tucking.

4. What are some causes of vulnerability in dogs?
– Dogs can feel vulnerable when they find themselves in a shelter, are abandoned, or are mistreated.

5. How has the breeding of designer dogs affected the vulnerability of certain breeds?
– Backstreet breeders often mix purebreds for profit, leading to the creation of mutts that have behavioral and health issues, making certain breeds more vulnerable.

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