Can Dogs Be Reincarnated


Whether you are a believer or not the concept of reincarnation makes for a lively discussion. On one side, aspects of religion will tell you death is the final frontier and heaven is real, while spiritualists invite others to explore the possibility. If people are able to return in a reincarnated form is it feasible our beloved dogs can do the same.

Where do you stand in this soulful debate? Maybe yes, no, or are you sitting on the fence?

There are stories of dogs making the journey back home and books written by those who swear this has really happened. It’s a little like entering the Twilight Zone with a one-way ticket to the unknown.

Are you ready to find out more?

Are You My Reincarnated Dog?

How do you know the puppy at the pet store, is your reincarnated dog? Does it look like your pupster Ollie, or is it something you just feel. Perhaps it’s the look in their eyes that tells you they are reborn or the cute way they lie on their back – front paws playing with the air.

It could be the grief from losing Ollie that makes you hope he has returned or just an overwhelming feeling that this is your mushy Maltese. Friends may think its wishful thinking, but something in this puppy’s eyes says it’s him.

For those of you wondering – reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul into an earthbound body.

So what’s a soul?

Depending on your religious standpoint a soul is an immortal essence of you that transcends death. It holds all the data you have collected from experiences in former lives and the lessons learned. Our paw-some pals are further up the spiritual ladder than most think and are not soulless.

Sounds ominous, we know, as the sceptics yell from the rooftops “There’s no proof.”

This is not entirely true if you believe that the universe, and everything in it, is made of energy. Socrates the ancient, Greek philosopher said it and quantum physics knows this to be true. We are not matter, as previously thought, but energy waves, from which fantastical things are formed – including dogs.

Pretty cool, when you think what energy can create.

The mainstay of religion does not believe your cute pupster has a genius conscience that can be reincarnated. This is possibly why animal welfare laws are not where they should be and are an ongoing debate. Dog owners with open minds agree – dogs have a soul and their unconditional love allows them to return when a bond is unbreakable.

If Ollie feels like your long last dog, who is anyone to say he isn’t, as countless stories have been recorded of dogs coming home after their journey across the Rainbow Bridge?

Take the shaggy-dog story of a pup that came into a family home and began doing everything the same way as their dog Charlie, who had passed. The owner said it was uncanny how this new pup seemed to know his way around from day one and copied all the funny things their Charlie did.

The pup emulated the way Charlie would take clothes from the bedroom laundry basket and make a bed to nap on. He would also hide his pet dad’s underwear for another nap. The owner said they buried Charlie with a pair. That could be coincidence, but the way this pup steals the other dog’s toys and lies on them plus his obsession with ants, inspires a synchronicity between the two dogs. The owners are convinced their Charlie has come back.

Is there a cosmic escalator on the other side, where we leave earth and then return?

Animal communicators work with people wanting to know if their dogs will come home and give validation that your baby is back on earth. So how do you know if this cute puppy in the pet store is your long lost dog – what are the signs?

Many folks talk of an instant connection and the feeling they have known this pooch before. Once you get them home, they might wag their tail the same way or bury bones in exactly the same place as your past, Ollie pal. The cute way they tilt their head and howl at the stars are both definite signs – plus the funny way they scratch their left ear and jump on hind their legs when its time for a treat.

What if they bark at the corner fence when nothing is there? Your Maltese, Ollie used to do this and guard the cats toy on the porch.

This story featured on “Animals In Our Hearts,” tells of an animal communicator guiding her client to her reincarnated dog. It led her to a Shelter where a white dog caught her eye and it was instant love on both sides. On the drive home, the client had doubts, so she stopped the car and asked the white dog if he was her past doggo-pal. Without hesitation this mystical mutt jumped into her lap, wrapping his paws around her neck. This was the sign, as her former woofer used to do this all of the time.

Whether it’s the way they howl at the washing on the line or lunge at grasshoppers on the ground, the signs will be there if your paw-angel has returned.

Body Language

Signs your dog may be reincarnated:

– Head Tilting
– Guarding
– Jumping Up
– Howling
– Wag Tail

Other Signs

Here are some more signs that your dog might be reincarnated:

– Constantly Reminds You Of Your Past Dog
– Lies On The Old Dog’S Toys
– Barks At The Same Things
– Buries His Bones In The Same Place

The History of Reincarnated Dogs

The thought of your soul being reinvented in a new body has been an intriguing subject throughout the ages, with Eastern religions leading the way. Ancient Egyptians were fussy about death, mummifying their loved ones for the afterlife and on-going journey of resurrection. The Incas, Vikings, Voodoo, Druids, Aborigines, Sharmans and possibly others embraced the spirit of reincarnation. Throughout time, those who exercised their free will were persecuted as heretics.

The new agers of the 20th century went to Woodstock and chose to believe. The world had changed as free-thinkers came out of the spiritual closet to a doubting public. Fixed mindsets had disabled progress in the arena of reincarnation, which has been around since time began. It’s hard to discount a concept that is mentioned in ancient text and possibly earlier Christian thinking by a sect group referred to as Christian Gnostics.

History is a map of events designed to illuminate us to our ancestral ties. We learn (hopefully) what worked and what didn’t and take a glance at philosophers trying to steer us on the right path. The reincarnation topic appears in chronicles of ancient beings that were certain we come back to earth. It’s related to the laws of Karma and accountability for how we lived our lives. Like lessons at school, we learn from our past mistakes and karma is an opportunity to put things right.

We can learn a lot about spirituality from our darling dogs – as they live in the moment, we stress about future events. Dogs also remind us to always have fun and go for walks in the great outdoors. They listen when we are hurting and kiss away our tears. Our dogs are a friend to rely on and their instincts are never wrong. If they choose to return in our lifetime – that is a magical gift.

Has Science Proved Reincarnation Is Real?

Science and spirituality have banged heads on more than one occasion as logical researchers dare to enter the reincarnation debate. Most have denied the probability but there are some who think it’s true. A professor of Psychiatry at the University School of Medicine, in Virginia dived into the deep and murky waters studying people who believe they were reincarnated.

He found unique birthmarks and wound scars on children with vivid past life memories. By correlating medical reports (post-mortem) with the children’s accounts of how they died – he concluded they had been reincarnated.

One girl identified people from her former life, while another recalled her accidental drowning and in this life had developed a phobia to water. These validated stories offer scientific evidence reincarnation is entirely feasible and needs further investigation.

This opens the door to a wagging-tail story about a dog who keeps coming back. His name is Friend and how this author, owner always knows it’s her dog returning is the unique B mark on his back. This prompted Brent Atwater to write the book ”The Dog with s B on his Bottom” and investigate countless experiences similar to hers.

Can consciousness be separated from our physical being? Some Scientists consider this a possible YES!

Our innate awareness may not need the brain to survive and somewhere in this vast universe, a place could exist where our unique consciousness is stored – waiting for the time to return.

Training a Reincarnated Dog with Psychics

Calling on a pet psychic to help your reincarnating dog is a giant leap of faith for anyone. You might think your grief has got the better of you or you’re crazy pursuing this path. But soon after they passed, you had an overwhelming feeling they were still here.

Pet psychics can talk to your dog and find out if they are going to come back. A soul agreement is made for the higher good of all and the psychic is able to guide you to your reincarnated pup.

If you are not sure you believe this – read on.

One animal communicator from “Animals in Our Hearts,” spoke of dogs that gave the exact place and time, while others said they would find their former owner – when the time was right for both. You better be prepared though, your reincarnated woofer may not look or act like your former dog. The soul of your dog is not coming to live its past life but to go on a new adventure with people it loves. Each journey is a brand new learning curve.

If you are hoping your loving Lab or bashful Bichon are going to find their way back to you – look for the signs.

One lucky recipient of a reincarnated dog talks of signs from her Golden/Lab mix that had passed. Soon after her beloved dog died she knew they were still around and this continued for some time. She mentioned to a service dog trainer she might consider getting another Golden/lab mix and that’s when things started to unfold. Her rebirth was about to happen through a service dog organization – the same way Rina, her former dog had been born.

The puppies had arrived and it was time to meet her pet pal returned. Rina liked essential oils, so her guardian put some on her wrist. There were seven puppies in the litter and six appeared to have no interest until she picked up number seven and it was clear Rina was here. The puppy sniffed her wrist then laid its little head in her hand. The moment was incredible with tears and puppy smiles all around. Rina was a smiley pup, so everything just seemed right.

The subject of reincarnation is shrouded in myth and it’s entirely up to the individual to decode if its truth or lies.

Safety Tips For Meeting Your Reincarnated Dog

– Be aware they may not look like your former dog.
– Call on a well-known animal communicator to help make this happen.
– Let intuition lead the way.
– Look for signs leading up to you finding them.

“Finding your reincarnated dog: Signs to look for and safety tips for the journey”

Tips & Things to Know

1️⃣ Keep an open mind: Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it’s important to approach the concept with an open mind and be willing to explore different perspectives and possibilities.

2️⃣ Trust your intuition: When trying to determine if a puppy is your reincarnated dog, pay attention to your intuition and the signs that resonate with you personally. Trust your gut feeling and the connection you feel with the puppy.

3️⃣ Seek guidance if needed: If you’re unsure or want more validation, consider consulting a reputable animal communicator or psychic who specializes in connecting with animals. They may be able to provide insights and guidance in your search for your reincarnated dog.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered ✅

1. How can you tell if the puppy at the pet store is your reincarnated dog?
– Some signs may include a resemblance to your previous dog, a feeling of connection, or similar behaviors.

2. What is a soul in the context of reincarnation?
– Depending on religious beliefs, a soul is considered to be an immortal essence that transcends death and holds the accumulated experiences and lessons from past lives.

3. Is there any scientific evidence to support the concept of reincarnation?
– Some researchers have found unique birthmarks and wound scars on children with vivid past life memories, providing scientific evidence for the possibility of reincarnation.

4. Can a pet psychic help in identifying a reincarnated dog?
– Pet psychics claim to be able to communicate with animals and can potentially guide you in recognizing if your dog has been reincarnated.

5. What safety tips should be considered when meeting your reincarnated dog?
– Be prepared for the possibility that your reincarnated dog may not physically resemble your previous dog. It may be helpful to seek the assistance of a reputable animal communicator and trust your intuition. Look for signs leading up to finding them.

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