Top 3 Best Activities For 2 Month Old Dogs


Take a look at that adorable puppy! It’s so young and full of energy, but what kind of games are safe and suitable for such a tiny pup? Well, there are actually plenty of options! Games play a vital role in the development of a young dog, helping them both mentally and physically. Even though your little pup may not be able to join you for a long run just yet, there are still so many activities you can do together. In fact, you might have a hard time deciding which one to try first!

1️⃣ Fetch

Difficulty: Easy
Items Needed: Ball or Toy, Treats

Teaching a puppy to play fetch is a timeless game that provides endless entertainment. Although puppies are usually energetic and love to run, they don’t instinctively know how to chase, catch, and return a ball. That’s where you come in! Playing fetch not only helps burn off excess puppy energy, but it also teaches your two-month-old pup a valuable new skill. It’s a win-win situation for both of you!

Step 1: Choose a toy
Find a suitable ball or toy for your puppy. Make sure it’s easy for them to grab with their mouth. If they are only two months old, start with a smaller toy before they grow into a tennis ball. Just make sure it’s soft and can be thrown easily.

Step 2: Field for running
Take your puppy to a place where they can run freely, like a big field, beach, or dog park. However, consider their young age and only go to open spaces if you’re confident they’ll come back when called. If you have doubts, find a fenced-in area instead.

Step 3: Throw and teach
Introduce the new toy to your puppy and let them sniff it. Then, throw it! Your dog will likely chase after the toy instinctively. If not, encourage them by running after it yourself. When your dog retrieves the toy, praise them and call their name to teach them to bring it back to you. Repeat this process by taking the toy and throwing it again.

2️⃣ Training

Difficulty: Normal
Items Needed: Treats

It’s important to begin training your puppy as soon as possible, even if they may seem young. In fact, even a two-month-old puppy is quite intelligent! While it’s good to start with basic commands like sit, lie down, and stay, you can actually teach your dog any trick you want as long as you are consistent and actively involved in the training process. Remember, your pup can’t magically learn to roll over without your help! So think about what tricks you’d like your dog to learn and start teaching them now. This is the perfect time to begin training your puppy!

Step 1: What to teach
Choose a trick or command to teach your pup, such as “sit” or responding to their name. These are the foundation for most commands.

Step 2: Getting ready
Gather a bunch of dog treats that your pup loves. Find a quiet place with minimal distractions where your pup can focus on you and the skill you’re teaching.

Step 3: Teach!
State the command and demonstrate the action you want your pup to do. For example, gently guide their backside to the ground for “sit”. Give praise and a treat, then repeat the process. Continue practicing and rewarding until your pup is fully trained. If they lose focus, take a break and resume the next day.

3️⃣ Tug of War

Difficulty: Easy
Items Needed: Rope Toy or Tug Toy

Tug of war is a classic game for dogs that your two-month-old pup should learn. Some people are skeptical about playing tug, thinking it teaches bad habits. However, it can be a very fun game! It’s also great to play indoors or in small spaces. All you need is a rope toy and you’re good to go! You can even play while sitting down.

Step 1: The perfect tug

Get a rope toy or other doggy toy that you can easily hold on to. Ropes work well as they will not easily be destroyed when pulled and they are easy for you and your dog to grip. There is a wide variety of tug toys though, so find a good one for your two-month-old dog’s size!

Step 2: Where to tug

Pick a place to play. While it is fun to get your whole body into the game of tug (it can be a great workout for you as well as your dog!), you can easily play sitting down! As long as you can hold on to the toy, your puppy will be happy!

Step 3: Pull

Let your dog take the toy in their mouth and then pull, pull, pull! Most puppies will hold on tight as you try to get the toy away from them. Make sure your dog is wagging their tail the whole time and having fun! Tug should wear your pup out without requiring them to run. Be cautious with their neck (no twisting), and be aware of signs that your puppy is fatigued and ready to stop.

Finding an activity to do with your two-month-old pup is actually quite easy. When your dog is so young, every game is new and exciting to them! Puppies are also full of energy, so they will be very excited and ready to fully participate in any activity you try. So, go ahead and run, fetch, tug, and train your new puppy until you both are tired and ready for a pup nap!

Max Kozinskiy
Max Kozinskiy
Max Kozinskiy is a seasoned writer and an enthusiast of dog breed expertise. Having dedicated over 5 years to studying the intricacies of different dog breeds and their unique characteristics. His profound insights and love for our four-legged friends have made him an invaluable part of our team.

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