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The Bordeaux Pitbull is a crossbreed between the Dogue de Bordeaux and the Pit Bull, resulting in a large and powerful dog. It’s important to note that the term “Pit Bull” can refer to various breeds with a muscular body, short coat, and broad head. When discussing this mixed breed, breeders and dog enthusiasts often refer specifically to the American Pit Bull Terrier, also known as the Staffordshire Terrier by AKC and UKC. However, this may not always be the case. The combination of these two breeds produces a massive dog that is both brave and protective in nature.

Below, we look at Bordeaux Pitbull dog breed, its history, personality, pros and cons of owning an Bordeaux Pitbull, characteristics, and must-see facts. We will also examine how to care for this breed and much more. Prepare for a tail-wagging adventure into the world of Bordeaux Pitbulls!

Dog Breed Bordeaux Pitbull
Weight 65-90 lbs (average)
Height 20-22″ (average)
Location Unknown
Ancestry Dogue de Bordeaux, American Pit Bull Terrier (aka The American Staffordshire Terrier)
Date of Origin Unknown
Group Companion, Guard Dog
Life Expectancy
Family Canidae
Scientific Name Canis Lupus Familiaris

📖 Breed History

Both the Dogue de Bordeaux and pit bulls belong to the molosser group, which is known for their strong and solidly built bodies. The molosser group includes various breeds such as Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, and even Pugs. These breeds are believed to have descended from a common ancestor, the Molossus, which still exists in certain mountainous regions of Albania. In the past, there was a lot of variation among the dogs classified as Dogues de Bordeaux, including differences in coat colors, jaw formation, and head sizes. These dogs were used for various purposes in France during the 1800s, such as baiting bulls and jaguars, hunting boar, protecting property, and herding cattle. They also played a role in the development of other breeds like the Tosa in Japan and the Argentine Dogo. However, it wasn’t until 1970 that a more unified breed standard was established. The Dogue de Bordeaux gained recognition by the American Kennel Club in 2008, despite being relatively unknown in the United States until an article was written about them in 1982.

On the other hand, the term “Pit Bull” can refer to different types of muscular, short-haired dogs that have Terrier bloodlines. They are known for their stamina, strength, and tenacity. The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) and the American Staffordshire Terrier (AST) are the most common breeds referred to as Pit Bulls. The APBT is recognized by the UKC of Britain, while the AST is recognized by the AKC in America. Although these breeds are essentially the same, there may be more variation in size and coloration that is acceptable for the APBT. It’s important to note that this hybrid mix is not recognized by crossbreed or designer dog registries. Therefore, the term “Pit Bull” can encompass a range of different breeds unless specified.

🐕 Bordeaux Pitbull Appearance

The Bordeaux Pitbull is a cross between two molosser breeds of dogs, therefore it will undoubtedly be a big, hulking dog with a wide head and a short, single-layer coat. The eyes can be round or oval and can be any color from hazel to dark brown. The ears sit higher up on the head and can be folded over or left dangling. The overall form of the skull will be square and robust. The two breeds have different muzzle lengths, with the Dogue having a shorter, brachycephalic shape and the APBT and AST having a snout that is medium in length. The hybrid’s muzzle will often lie between these lengths, however some individuals may be born with the brachycephalic form. The way the two dogs’ skin looks is another distinction between them. The skin of the Dogue de Bordeaux hangs loosely and produces prominent wrinkles, in contrast to the Pit Bull’s snug, tight skin, and your Bordeaux Pitbull’s skin might fall anywhere in between the two. The Dogue only actually comes in various colors of fawn, but the APBT or AST may be present in this specific crossbreed, allowing for any color combination.

👀 Eye Color Varies
🐽 Nose Color N/A
🐕 Coat Color Ranges

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🐶 Traits & Temperament of Bordeaux Pitbull

The Bordeaux Pitbull often resembles its parent breeds, developing into a brave and devoted friend who prefers to be completely assimilated into their family. Both parent breeds are exceptionally child-friendly and protective, but because these dogs are so strong, all interactions with young children and toddlers should be well monitored. When it comes to training, the Dogue is reputed to be a little more resistant than the Pit Bull breed of canines. As early an age as feasible should be used to begin socializing and training because these dogs grow quite strong in a very short period of time. The APBT and AST get along with other animals in general, but Dogues who haven’t had enough socialization may become too timid or aggressive with other dogs. While both types are often loving at home, they may be a little shy among strangers.

🤝 Are Bordeaux Pitbulls Friendly or Aggressive?

🐩 Bordeaux Pitbull Care & Maintenance

The short coat of this breed makes these dogs very easy to handle in the grooming area. Although monthly baths are typically sufficient for these dogs, they still require routine cleaning with a curry comb or soft bristle brush to reduce the shedding. If your dog has inherited the wrinkles and folds of the Dogue de Bordeaux, care should be taken to ensure that the folds of skin have not trapped any moisture as it can cause skin irritation and a foul odor may develop. Medicated shampoo may be required if any skin disorders such as ichthyosis develop. In particular, given that dogs of this breed have a tendency to drool quite a bit, the face and muzzle region should be inspected and cleaned down on a weekly basis to prevent the development of red yeast and other fungal or bacterial infections. These robustly developed animals’ paw pads also need specific care to avoid drying out and cracking, including the use of an excellent moisturizer suitable for dogs. Since some Pit Bull breeds might be apprehensive about having their feet handled, it is important to start this process as early as possible to sensitize the animal. Bordeaux Pitbulls frequently get cardiac issues. To prevent exorbitant veterinarian care costs, get pet health insurance right now. You may compare policies from renowned firms like Figo and Spot using our tool for pet insurance. With only a few clicks, find your pet’s “pawfect” plan!

🍖 Food: We recommend few cups daily, costing you about $0.49 – $1.49 daily, or approximately $30.00 a month.

🐾 Exercise:

This dog breed requires to be walked for roughly few miles per week, which equates to about 15 – 35 minutes of physical activity daily. This consistent moderate exercise regimen will help maintain their physical wellness and significantly contribute to their mental stimulation. Consciously setting aside this time for your furry friend can dramatically enhance their life quality, helping them stay energetic, healthy, and mentally alert.

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❤️‍🩹 Bordeaux Pitbull Health & Issues

Some of the major concerns for Bordeaux Pitbull Dog Breed can be:

  • Heart Problems
  • Osteochondritis Dissecans
  • Lymphoma
  • Mast Cell Tumors

While minor concerns include:

  • Demodectic Mange
  • Skin Problems
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Ataxia

🤧 Important: Is Bordeaux Pitbull hypoallergenic? .

Bonus: Check out cool, creative, and funny names for Bordeaux Pitbull.

⚡ Bordeaux Pitbull Dog Breed Facts

What makes the Bordeaux Pitbull a great choice for families with young children?
The Bordeaux Pitbull is a great choice for families with young children because both parent breeds are known to be tolerant and protective. However, interactions with toddlers and children should always be supervised due to the breed’s power and size.

Is the Bordeaux Pitbull breed considered a suitable breed for apartment living?
The Bordeaux Pitbull may not be considered a suitable breed for apartment living due to its large size and need for exercise. These dogs require ample space to move around and may become restless or destructive in a confined living environment.

How much exercise does a Bordeaux Pitbull require compared to other breeds?
The Bordeaux Pitbull requires a significant amount of exercise compared to other breeds. Both parent breeds are powerfully built and energetic, so daily exercise, such as long walks or play sessions, is essential to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

Is the Bordeaux Pitbull breed known for being good with other pets?
The Bordeaux Pitbull breed can vary in terms of compatibility with other pets. While the American Pit Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Terrier are generally agreeable with other animals, the Dogue de Bordeaux may exhibit shyness or aggression towards other dogs if not properly socialized.

What are other low-maintenance dog breeds similar to the Bordeaux Pitbull?
Some low-maintenance dog breeds similar to the Bordeaux Pitbull include the Boxer, Bullmastiff, and Rottweiler. These breeds share similar characteristics in terms of size, power, and protective nature.

What are the common health issues that Bordeaux Pitbulls are prone to?
Common health issues that Bordeaux Pitbulls may be prone to include hip dysplasia, allergies, heart problems, and certain types of cancer. Regular veterinary check-ups and a healthy diet are important to maintain their overall well-being.

Are Bordeaux Pitbulls known to be easy to train compared to other breeds?
Bordeaux Pitbulls can be a bit stubborn when it comes to training, particularly due to the Dogue de Bordeaux’s temperament. Starting training and socialization at an early age is crucial, and consistent positive reinforcement methods are recommended for best results.

Are Bordeaux Pitbulls more prone to separation anxiety compared to other breeds?
Bordeaux Pitbulls, like many other breeds, can be prone to separation anxiety if not properly trained and provided with appropriate mental stimulation. However, individual temperament and upbringing can also play a significant role in a dog’s separation anxiety.

Are there any dog breeds similar to the Bordeaux Pitbull that are suitable for people with allergies?
Some dog breeds similar to the Bordeaux Pitbull that are suitable for people with allergies include the Poodle, Bichon Frise, and Portuguese Water Dog. These breeds are often recommended for individuals with allergies as they have hypoallergenic coats.

What sizes of dogs similar to the Bordeaux Pitbull are best for individuals or families with limited space?
For individuals or families with limited space, smaller-sized dogs similar to the Bordeaux Pitbull, such as the Boxer or Staffordshire Bull Terrier, may be more suitable. These breeds have similar characteristics but are more compact in size.

Is the Bordeaux Pitbull breed known to be good with children with special needs?
The Bordeaux Pitbull breed can be good with children with special needs, given their generally tolerant and protective nature. However, as with any dog, close supervision and proper training are necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of both the child and the dog.

How does the grooming and shedding needs of the Bordeaux Pitbull?
The grooming needs of the Bordeaux Pitbull are relatively low compared to other breeds. Both parent breeds have short hair, so regular brushing to remove loose hair and occasional bathing is usually sufficient. Shedding can vary, but it is generally moderate and manageable with regular grooming.

We use reliable and publicly available data and resources such as AKC and American Canine Registry to ensure that Bordeaux Pitbull dog breed information is accurate and up to date. If you spot an error, please don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention.

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