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The American Neo Bull is a big hybrid dog that was developed in the United States. In the 1980s, breeders mixed different Bulldog breeds with various Mastiff breeds in order to create a dog that is both a guard dog and a family pet. They wanted to combine the gentle temperament and wrinkled face of the Mastiff with the strength and loyalty of the Bulldog. By crossing American Bulldogs with Neopolitan Mastiffs, they were able to create the American Neo Bull.

This dog is known for being devoted and friendly. They love to be the center of attention and enjoy regular exercise. They need lots of space to run around, both indoors and outdoors. Although they are an energetic breed that requires frequent exercise, they also enjoy lounging around with their family in the yard on a nice day. So, it’s important to provide them with both physical and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

Below, we look at American Neo Bull dog breed, its history, personality, pros and cons of owning an American Neo Bull, characteristics, and must-see facts. We will also examine how to care for this breed and a lot more. Prepare for a tail-wagging adventure into the world of American Neo Bulls!

Dog Breed American Neo Bull
Weight 60-80 lbs (average)
Height 23-25″ (average)
Location United States
Ancestry American Bulldog, Neopolitan Mastiff
Date of Origin 1980s
Group Working Dog
Life Expectancy
Family Canidae
Scientific Name Canis Lupus Familiaris

📖 Breed History

The American Neo Bull is a hybrid breed created by crossing American Bulldogs and Neopolitan Mastiffs. It is also referred to as the American Bandogge Mastiff, which is a term used for the offspring of any Bulldog and Mastiff mix. The breed was developed in the 1980s by different breeders who crossed various Mastiffs and Bulldogs over several generations. The goal was to create a dog that retained the Mastiff’s wrinkled appearance and gentle temperament, while also attempting to eliminate known health issues. The exact percentages of American Bulldog and Neopolitan Mastiff in an American Neo Bull can vary depending on the breeding program.

The American Bulldog originated in Great Britain and was brought to the United States during the colonial period. It was originally used for bear, bull, and buffalo baiting, and later found its place on Southern farms where it excelled at catching pigs and cattle. Over time, these dogs became popular as family and guard dogs, although they are not officially recognized by the AKC. On the other hand, Neopolitan Mastiffs descend from the ancient Molossus breed, which was used by the Romans for battle and arena combat. Subsequently, the Romans employed Neopolitan Mastiffs to guard their homes and farms, a role they continue to fulfill in modern-day Italy. The AKC recognized the Neopolitan Mastiff as part of the working group in 2004.

🐕 American Neo Bull Appearance

A huge to giant-sized dog, the American Neo Bull possesses a number of characteristics shared by both of his parents, the American Bulldog and the Neopolitan Mastiff. This breed has robust bones, much like the mastiff. It has a bulldog-like amount of muscle. This breed has broad shoulders, a robust, muscular neck, and a deep, spacious chest. Mastiffs often walk with an elegant, lion-like stride supported by strong, robust legs. This large dog has excellent agility. The ears droop to the sides and are occasionally cut, and the face has wrinkles resembling those of a mastiff. The eyes are gold to dark brown. A broad nose with huge nostrils is the result of a short snout. This breed’s straight tail is broadest at the base and gets thinner toward the tip. The coat’s short, thick, impermeable hair can be either rough or silky in texture. Black, pale fawn, brown, blue, gray, brindle, and white are all acceptable colors for coats, either alone or in combination. White markings are another possibility.

👀 Eye Color Blue
🐽 Nose Color Black
🐕 Coat Color Blue, Brindle, Fawn, Brown, White, Black

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🐶 Traits & Temperament of American Neo Bull

We are reviewing and looking at the data related to the temperament, behavior, and traits of this dog breed. Please stay tuned for our update available shortly.

🤝 Are American Neo Bulls Friendly or Aggressive?

🐩 American Neo Bull Care & Maintenance

The American Neo Bull requires little maintenance. His short, thick coat doesn’t shed much, and a weekly routine of brushing will keep it clean and in terrific shape. Give him an occasional wash just when necessary to maintain his coat clean. His face’s skin needs extra maintenance because of the risk of skin infections that those adorable wrinkles provide. Cleanse your face and skin frequently to get rid of any bacteria that can be problematic. Make careful to maintain neat nails, and look for dirt in the hair between the pads. Keep in mind that your American Neo Bull weighs a lot and that, compared to other breeds of dogs, his feet are more susceptible to irritation and injury.

🍖 Food: We recommend few cups daily, costing you about $0.49 – $1.49 daily, or approximately $30.00 a month.

🐾 Exercise:

This dog breed requires to be walked for roughly few miles per week, which equates to about 15 – 35 minutes of physical activity daily. This consistent moderate exercise regimen will help maintain their physical wellness and significantly contribute to their mental stimulation. Consciously setting aside this time for your furry friend can dramatically enhance their life quality, helping them stay energetic, healthy, and mentally alert.

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❤️‍🩹 American Neo Bull Health & Issues

Some of the major concerns for American Neo Bull Dog Breed can be:

  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia

While minor concerns include:

  • Cherry Eye
  • Obesity
  • Skin Infections

🤧 Important: Is American Neo Bull hypoallergenic? .

Bonus: Check out cool, creative, and funny names for American Neo Bull.

⚡ American Neo Bull Dog Breed Facts

What makes the American Neo Bull a great choice for families with young children?
The American Neo Bull is a great choice for families with young children because it has a gentle demeanor and is known to be loyal and affectionate. They generally have a patient and tolerant nature, making them suitable companions for kids.

Is the American Neo Bull breed considered a suitable breed for apartment living?
Due to their large size and need for daily exercise, the American Neo Bull is not considered a suitable breed for apartment living. They require plenty of room to run and play, making a house with a spacious yard more appropriate for them.

How much exercise does a American Neo Bull require compared to other breeds?
The American Neo Bull requires a significant amount of exercise compared to some other breeds. They are an active breed and need daily physical activity to stay healthy and happy. Regular walks, playtime, and mental stimulation are essential for their well-being.

Is the American Neo Bull breed known for being good with other pets?
The American Neo Bull breed can vary in its compatibility with other pets. Early socialization and proper training can help them get along well with other animals, but they may not be the best choice if you already have small pets like cats or rabbits. It is important to introduce them to other animals gradually and supervise their interactions.

What are other low-maintenance dog breeds similar to the American Neo Bull?
Some low-maintenance dog breeds similar to the American Neo Bull include the American Bulldog, Boxer, and Bullmastiff. These breeds are known for their easygoing nature and require minimal grooming and exercise compared to other breeds.

What are the common health issues that American Neo Bulls are prone to?
Like many large breeds, American Neo Bulls are prone to certain health issues. Some common health concerns include hip dysplasia, bloat, heart problems, and skin allergies. Regular vet check-ups and a healthy diet can help prevent and manage these issues.

Are American Neo Bulls known to be easy to train compared to other breeds?
American Neo Bulls are generally known to be intelligent and trainable. With consistent, positive reinforcement training methods, they can learn quickly and be obedient. However, like any breed, individual temperament and personality can vary.

Are American Neo Bulls more prone to separation anxiety compared to other breeds?
American Neo Bulls can be prone to separation anxiety, especially if not properly socialized and trained. They are a breed that thrives on attention and companionship, so leaving them alone for long periods can lead to anxiety and destructive behavior. Providing them with mental stimulation and company can help alleviate this issue.

Are there any dog breeds similar to the American Neo Bull that are suitable for people with allergies?
If you are looking for a dog breed similar to the American Neo Bull that is suitable for people with allergies, you may consider the American Hairless Terrier. This breed has little to no hair and is often hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for individuals with allergies.

What sizes of dogs similar to the American Neo Bull are best for individuals or families with limited space?
For individuals or families with limited space, smaller-sized dogs similar to the American Neo Bull may be more suitable. Breeds like the French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier are compact and can adapt well to smaller living spaces.

Is the American Neo Bull breed known to be good with children with special needs?
The American Neo Bull breed is known to be good with children, including those with special needs. Their gentle and patient nature can make them excellent companions for children who require extra care and attention.

How does the grooming and shedding needs of the American Neo Bull?
The grooming needs of the American Neo Bull can vary depending on their coat type. If they inherit more of the Bulldog’s shorter, smoother coat, they will require minimal grooming. However, if they inherit more of the Neopolitan Mastiff’s longer, thicker coat, they may require regular brushing to prevent matting and shedding. Overall, they are moderate shedders and will benefit from regular grooming sessions to keep their coat healthy and clean.

We use reliable and publicly available data and resources such as AKC and American Canine Registry to ensure that American Neo Bull dog breed information is accurate and up to date. If you spot an error, please don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention.

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